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We are happy to announce that we will be covering two new AAA games coming this spring, ANTHEM and THE DIVISION 2. Both titles are going to compete for supremacy in the looter-shooter genre with ANTHEM coming first to PC, Play Station and X-box on the 15th of february, THE DIVISION 2 following a month later, on the 15th of march. We are proud to say we have great experience with the looter-shooter genre covering THE DIVISION and DESTINY 2 since launch on both segments boosting services and premade accounts. If you are a fan of looter-shooters and plan on playing the two games make sure to take a look at the boosting packs we have ready for you to preorder and feel free to contact us if you have questions about the games.



We are a group of hardcore dedicated geeks, sharing this amazing passion for gaming ever since we were kids. We built up flawless reputations on well kown gaming forums & marketplaces and transformed this passion that got us together into our daily jobs.


We know how high the value for a personal gaming account is and that no money can buy a banned account back so that`s why we put safety first. That means we never did or ever will use bots, hacks or any kind of illegal 3rd party software !



We are ready to mold our services to your needs. Whenever it`s required we will build a custom service to suit your needs. You also have the freedom to choose playing hours if you want to stay incognito during the boost. Our premade accounts always allow name and e-mail change.


We are gamers. This is what we do for a living.We play.

We are a group of hardcore dedicated players, sharing this amazing passion for gaming ever since we were kids.

We built up flawless reputations on gaming forums & marketplaces such as EpicNPC, Ownedcore, Elitepvpers, Playerauctions and transformed this passion that got us together into our daily jobs. It all started in the early days of World of Warcraft when we realised GAMING is being taken to another level and we wanted to be part of that.

Our journey continued then with Diablo 3 Vanilla, tested it in beta, and we ended up spending thousands of hours trading items, accounts, being part of its amazing community ever since then. We didnt stop there, wanted to try something new so we got a new challenge : Tom Clancy`s The Division. When they released its trailer at E3, we knew : This is it ! Its gonna be huge ! After giving it a try in beta, it was shortly released on live servers and we started our boosting services couple days later.Powerleveling, DZ boosting, items hunting, gear packs, classified sets & exotics farming, accounts trading - Covered it all.Ended up completing dozens of orders and couple hundred accounts trading ever since and we were all prepared for its next chapter : The Division 2.

The next project was the well known Destiny 2, another amazing game, very very popular worldwide which again had a great impact on us business-wise, covering lots of boosting orders and accounts trading for our customers. The journey then continued with Monster Hunter World & Path of Exile and now we are all prepared and happy to announce we`re extending to Anthem & The Division 2.

As you can see, we covered multiple game types, gained lots of experience with boosting services and account trading for all these years, we are here for the big grind, ready to serve, not getting older just leveling up :D